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Social and Emotional Development

What you need to know for life and

didn't learn in school. 


Post-pandemic, far too many youth lack motivation, direction, and purpose. They crave connection, fulfillment, and being seen and heard.


Knowing who you are and what you stand for is the beginning of leading yourself and others.  


Our unique experiential learning methods are infused with the latest advancements from neuroscience, counseling pedagogy, and social and emotional development research. Being immersed in brain-friendly, accelerated learning environments, your student experiences leadership and personal growth. 



SuperCamp is a multiple-day, residential program of 40 to 80 students delivered by our certified facilitators and supported by our highly-trained team leaders and administrative staff. 

Youth Forum: ages 5-9

Junior Forum: ages 10-13

Senior Forum: ages 14-16 

Each program is designed to meet the unique characteristics of each age group.

Skills development includes:

  • Communication: public speaking & writing
  • Teamwork: listening, idea-sharing
  • Motivation: knowing what’s in it for me
  • Confidence: being & believing in yourself
  • Effective use of time: organizing, scheduling
  • Academic: note taking & studying

When grads return home they find school is easier, which helps them raise their grades and prepare for their next step in school and in life. They set new goals knowing they can overcome any obstacles in their way.

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Quantum U is a multiple-day, residential program that prepares older teens to navigate the challenges of college life. Our certified facilitators and highly-trained team leaders create an environment of thought-provoking insights, meaningful connections, and individualized coaching. 

Quantum U is designed to meet the unique characteristics of young adults ages 16-18.

Skills development includes:

  • Understanding Me: strengths, challenges, purpose, mindsets 
  • Taking Action: persistence, commitment, goals and action steps
  • Understanding Others: empathy, embracing differences             
  • Making an Impact: my gifts and talents, contributing to my community
  • Elevating Growth: self-reflection of strengths and barriers, creating productive habits
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At your school. With your students.

Quantum Academy combines learning-to-learn and leadership skills into a powerful experience of personal discovery and empowerment. Through collaboration with your leadership, we customize a unique program for your students.

Youth: ages 5-9

Junior: ages 10-13

Senior: ages 14-17 

Quantum Academy is delivered in a multiple-day, multiple-hour format at your school or a venue of your choice. Skill development topics include:

  • 5 Habits of an Excellent Learner: Prepare, State, Prime Your Mind, Do the 1 Thing, Make It Stick.
  • 8 Keys of Excellence: Principles to Live By
  • Relationship Dynamics: Create and strengthen positive relationships
  • Effective Teamwork: Express your ideas and collaborate with others.
  • Leadership: empowering self and others


#1 Teachers receive specific training on how to support their students during and after the program.

#2 Parents engage in a 90-minute, “Supporting Your Student’s Success” workshop. This elevates the impact of Quantum Academy by reinforcing strategies at home.

#3 Special pricing for ongoing  virtual, small group support to build better habits.

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