Quantum Teaching shows teachers how to orchestrate their students' success by taking into account everything in the classroom along with the environment, the design of the curriculum, and how it's presented. The result: a highly-effective way to teach anything to anybody! Available as an illustrated how-to book that bridges the gap between theory and practice and that covers today's hottest topics, like multiple intelligences, this book provides specific, easy-to-follow guidelines for creating more-effective learning environments, better ways to design curricula, and more interesting ways to deliver content and facilitate the learning process. Designed and written as an interactive tool, Quantum Teaching includes lesson planning guidelines to help teachers cover all the bases, without having to culminate different theories or refer to different source materials. A reproducible lesson planning guide makes it easy to start implementing new strategies immediately.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System demonstrates that the integration of the Brain s Natural Learning Systems and the Quantum Learning System creates an impact that transforms the way teachers teach and students learn. Two educational innovators Barbara K. Given, Ph.D., and Bobbi DePorter, CEO of Quantum Learning Network have teamed up to empower educators to achieve the desired goal that students leave high school prepared for success in college and career with strong character and citizenship traits.

Who doesn’t need buffers against today’s headwinds? You need them, and so do I. Gratitude and optimism are two powerful antidotes that add tremendous value to you, your life, and those around you. Gratitude is for the big and small moments of your day. Claim your gratitude today! Write it down, make it happen. Speak it out, share it with another person, generate a new conversation.We are hardwired to connect! You get to choose how you want to connect to yourself and the world, every day. What will you choose? Choosing gratitude and optimism takes intentionality and effort. Gratitude doesn’t mean or equate to happiness. It’s actually better, more durable and sustainable than happiness. Gratitude is the marathon, not the sprint.This is your chance. Take the time to intentionally walk into your day, the breakfast table, the conversation, that meeting . . . and, most of all, to your own children and your students. May you meet them and your profession for the amazing gifts they truly are. Every single day. One day at a time. Moment by moment.

If you lead meetings, conduct trainings, facilitate workshops, present, teach, or speak—virtually or in person—this book belongs in your hands! Excellent leaders—executives, managers, directors, educators, presenters, and speakers at any level, in any industry—are great communicators. They inspire, equip, and empower. With clarity, these leaders express themselves authentically and move people to action. What sets them apart? Competence. They know how to say what they need to say in ways that build connections and credibility. Is it magic? No. Is it raw talent? No.It is conscious attention and intentional implementation of mindsets, models, and strategies to ensure their content and message sticks. They learned how. So can you!

Quantum Teaching

Practical strategies and models for every teacher in every content area.

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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

A deeper dive into the theory and research behind and within the Quantum Learning System.

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The Educator's 180-Day Gratitude Turnaround

An inspiring and practical approach to developing and sustaining an attitude of gratitude.

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Intentional Communication

25 simple yet powerful actions you can take to maximize the way you communicate.

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