Multi-Day Camps

For Students Ages 9 - 17


Multi-Day Camps

For Students in Their Last Year of High School Through College


of Students Improve Grades



of Students Improve Family Relationships



of Students Increase Self-esteem



of Students Increase Confidence


Welcome to the next generation of SuperCamp excellence!

SuperCamp continues it's mission in providing youth development for our rapidly changing world. Using the optimal blend of neuroscience, leadership principles, counseling pedagogy, and Social & Emotional Development (SED). SuperCamp has reimagined the camp experience with relevant, research-based learning and development skills. Success for this generation, and those to come, is defined by equipping youth with skills that help them navigate their lives with confidence, a positive and productive mindset, communication skills, and the willingness to connect with those around them.

SuperCamp = youth development for our rapidly changing world.

Our Flagship Program Since 1982

Students have been participating in SuperCamp programs all over the world with more than 100,000 student graduates to date.

Both SuperCamp and Quantum U utilize Quantum Learning teaching methods to help students

  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Gain independence
  • Make school easier
  • Form authentic connections with peers
  • And provides year-round resources for success long after camp.

SuperCamp and Quantum U participants—many of whom have never been taught how to learn effectively—consistently benefit from the brain-friendly academic strategies and life skills acquired during the in-person accelerated learning environment of residential programs.

Why SuperCamp?


Goal-setting, critical thinking and interpersonal skills that students can apply in school, volunteer roles and elsewhere as they prepare for college and their eventual career.


Academic and Life Skills

Engaging and effective academic and life skills coaching—90 hours in the 10-day programs, 68 hours in the 7-day programs and 54 hours in the 6-day programs.


Social & Emotional Development

Effective communication skills, positive relationships with self and others, and productive mindsets require techniques to address conflict, reflect and gain personal awareness, and take ownership of one's actions.

Learning Made Fun!

The course work is interactive and interspersed with music and fun. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic teaching strategies are utiliized to engage all students. We emphasize team-building activities including an outdoor adventure course, board breaking, and general group interaction. Students form deep friendships that last long after camp!


Let's Grow Together

Student-centered programs have been the focus of Quantum Learning for nearly 40 years.

Founder of Quantum Learning, Bobbi DePorter, studied with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the acknowledged founding father of accelerated learning, and Buckminster Fuller, renowned 20th century inventor and visionary. These profound learning experiences led to her creation of the Quantum Learning teaching methodology.

The Quantum Learning methodology contributes to the success of school programs to this day, with students from more than 80 countries having attended programs. 

Just a few of the countries we've held programs in . . .

100,000 SuperCamp Graduates . . . & counting!

2024 SuperCamp and Youth Development Program Dates Are Here!


2024 Dates & Locations!

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A l e x

SF SuperCamp Grad

"Because of this experience, I know in the back of my brain I have what I need and the strategies to accomplish things. I feel like I'm my best self in this environment and it only makes me want to come back and better myself even more."

R e e f

JF SuperCamp Grad

"I'm so grateful I got to be here because I got to spend my week with so many amazing people. There are people out here that I would have never met, it's such a diverse group from many different parts of the world."

J a s o n

SuperCamp Alumni

"I went to SC when I was a kid and it got me where I am. It changed my life, it made me study in high school, it made me excel, and you students can do the same thing and better . . . I still remember the stuff I learned. Enjoy it!

L a r a

Mom of SuperCamp Grad

"My son had his first year at SuperCamp and I'm absolutely shocked by the love and support that was shown to him by all of the staff. I have a sense that he has a community outside of our family and it's so invaluable to have mentors that are so positive. I can't say enough and I can't wait for him to come back next year."